We are not monkeys nor have a red ass. We are not the ones who believes in everything, but at the same time we do not discredit anything. We are not guided by outdated or even overused theories. We do not belong to the majority who believes it is a mistake to present yourself using the negative, rather than the positive, because we all know yes is built by a lot of no’s.

We are not an agency said to be creative and different, because nowadays the advertising world is customed to assume itself as creative and different, something not new at all, let alone different. It would be like saying we are a clean and fragrant soap, and be proud of it. Instead of that; we are proud to bring the unexpected to our customers: your success and for that, we follow the Policy of 3 “S”:

First "S"

SURPRISE YOU. Innovate, communicate and do not believe 20% what you see and 80% what you never saw.

Second "S"

SATISFIED CUSTOMER. It may seem “different and creative” on our part, but we confess that is the truth. The client can be anything you want, less dissatisfied. And the obligation to make it work is all ours. And believe me, we are not the type that runs away from obligations.

Third "S"

THERE IS NO THIRD “S”. We are not the type that follows theories based on 3 letters.

We want the present, the efficiency, the new. If you are looking for these, get in touch with us.
*Do not doubt on anything in this text. Except the first sentence.


Brand and Visual Identity

Your company doesn't have a name? A brand? Let us take care of your name and we will brand you.

Press Design

“Don’t judge the book by its cover”, judge the agency. If you want a book, magazine, brochure, with quality press, consider us necessary.

Social Medias

The future of communication is already present on every computer. Invest in social medias and share good results.


Wagner Machado

Wagner Machado

Designer | Administrative

Ideas do not always come from inspirations of advertising, they come from all sides: music, arts, books. Interpret the world around us and use it as inspiration in a visual design project is something that motivates.